2018 Subcommittees

Applications close Saturday 24th March 11:59pm.

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Projects (2 positions - first years only)  

Have a passion for using your skills to make a difference global health? If so, the MSAP Projects Subcommittee is the perfect job for you! Being a part of our 2018 subcomm will involve you supporting global initiatives such as Food for Thought, Birthing Kit Night and Medical Action Myanmar. We’re looking for charismatic, innovative and tech-savvy people to put on fundraising events, film health-education movies and establish new global ties. We’ve got exciting ideas for this upcoming year (eg. End-of-Semester Party) and can’t wait to hear yours so sign up to be a part of it all!


Code Green (1-2 positions)

Code Green is a relatively new MSAP initiative with a primary focus on being the voice of advocacy and action against the growing threat and impact of climate change within our university. You’ll be involved in organising events and fundraisers as well as helping to oversee the sustainability of both MSAP and our university as a whole. We also aim to provide educational outlets informing on the growing impact of climate change on health in Australia. Everyone is encouraged to apply, with the hope of forming a fun and diverse team of passionate, proactive students dedicated to doing their part on both a local and broader scale. 


Crossing Borders (2 positions)

The 2018 Crossing Borders Subcommittee will be working to organise events and advocacy to support AMSA Global Health’s project Crossing Borders. This nation-wide initiative is geared towards removing barriers to healthcare for refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants. We are seeking a small team of students from all walks of life who are passionate about making a difference in refugee health both with grassroots activities from the bottom up as well as with advocacy from the top down. 


Publicity (2 positions)

This year we’re looking for 2 photographers to join our publicity team, as a photographer you will be assigned to photograph or video our events then select, edit and upload your photos into the photography drive. We’re also looking for 1 publicity subcom member to help design promotional material and manage the website. We’re hoping to amp up promotions with more exciting promotional campaigns so creative input from the whole team will be appreciated! 


Sponsorship (2 positions)

We are currently experimenting with different sponsorship approaches. We've shifted from approaching businesses to approaching alumni and personal connections (i.e. people who would be more personally invested in seeing MSAP succeed). As such, the Sponsorship team is in charge of establishing the MSAP Alumni Network, writing MSAP Alumni newsletter and maintaining/acquiring sponsors via email and/or phone. You will most likely be in charge of collecting email addresses from companies we would like to approach (lots of googling!), sending emails (using a pre-prepared template) and making phone calls during business hours. Most of the work will be done online with few-none face to face meetings.